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Les ventes de logiciels de jeux vidéos notent une croissance à 2 chiffres sur les principaux marchés en 2008


Edition du 06.02.09



Les ventes globales continuent à augmenter aux Etats-Unis et au Royaume-Uni tandis qu'elles se voient à la baisse au Japon.


Communiqué original ci-dessous


2008 Video Game Software sales across top global markets experience double-digit growth


Overall sales in United States and United Kingdom continue to climb while Japanese market experiences annual decline

According to recent findings from Top Global Markets, an integrated monthly report from leading providers of consumer and retail information in the Video Games industry, The NPD Group, GfK Chart-Track Limited and Enterbrain, Inc., combined Video Game Software unit sales across the world’s three largest games markets experienced growth of 11 percent in calendar year 2008 (Jan.-Dec.), totaling 409.9 million units versus the 367.7 million units sold across these markets in 2007.

The increase in growth comes from both United States and UK, with respective increases of 15 percent and 26 percent. Japan did not fare as well, experiencing a 13 percent decline in 2008, which can largely be attributed to a decline in Portable Software, followed by Console Software.

The United Kingdom experienced the largest aggregate growth as well as category growth, with Console Software experiencing a 38 percent gain, and Portable Software increasing 6 percent. Growth in the United States saw Console Software growth of 22 percent and Portable Software growth of 2 percent.

"There are some incredible statistics within the Top Global Markets Report that highlight the differences between the three major markets in the world,” said Dorian Bloch, Business Group Director, GfK Chart-Track Limited. "In fact, UK Console Video Game Software units are more than double what was achieved in 2003, which just shows how fast the UK market has been growing. Because of this amazing growth and coupled with the downtown currently being experienced in Japan, the UK market has for the first time overtaken Japan as the No2 world market. Although still behind on revenue, the gap has narrowed considerably and it will be interesting to see how things develop during 2009.”

Continuing the growth of the Video Game industry over the past few years, 2008 software unit sales in the U.S. also saw an increase of 15 percent over 2007, selling over 268.4 million units for the year; nearly 36 million more units than last year,” said Anita Frazier, industry analyst, The NPD Group.



The Top Global Markets Report is an integrated monthly report from leading providers of consumer and retail information in the Video Games industry, The NPD Group, GfK Chart-Track Limited and Enterbrain, Inc. It provides integrated point-of-sale data for Video Game Software sales in the world’s largest games markets.



About GfK Chart-Track Limited
GfK Chart-Track Limited, a research company based in West London, monitors sales of music, videos and software through retail in the UK, Ireland and Denmark. GfK Chart-Track Limited has established an unparalleled reputation for fast and accurate retail research in the home entertainment market. The methodology used across all GfK Chart-Track Limited's services is continuous quantitative retail research, giving clients a broad range of statistical information from GfK Chart-Track Limited’s standard and customized services, enabling them to track market size, market trends and product sales through retail. For more information, visit

About The NPD Group, Inc.
The NPD Group is the leading provider of reliable and comprehensive consumer and retail information for a wide range of industries. Today, more than 1,600 manufacturers, retailers, and service companies rely on NPD to help them drive critical business decisions at the global, national, and local market levels. NPD helps our clients to identify new business opportunities and guide product development, marketing, sales, merchandising, and other functions. Information is available for the following industry sectors: automotive, beauty, commercial technology, consumer technology, entertainment, fashion, food and beverage, foodservice, home, office supplies, software, sports, toys, and wireless. For more information, contact us or visit

About Enterbrain, Inc.
ENTERBRAIN, INC. is a publisher of top-selling magazines, with each representing a field within the video game industry, including its flagship series of Famitsu magazines – its most popular being Weekly Famitsu. Additionally, Enterbrain, Inc., a publisher of various entertainment books and magazines in genres such as PC game, horse racing, cartoons, game strategy books, and fighting, has also developed numerous hit video games, such as the Derby Stallion series, and put its efforts into network services with sites such as, as well as mobile phone sites. Enterbrain, Inc. also provides the most comprehensive up-to-date information on Japan's game hardware/software industry and publishes the 'Famitsu White Paper'. For more information, visit


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