Wemade reveals its array of innovative mobile games to be showcased at E3

Drop by and be part of the extravaganza at the WeMade booth next week - South Hall #2847

WeMade Entertainment (WeMade), a publisher and developer of mobile/online games, is drawing back the curtain on their plans for the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) at the Los Angeles Convention Center, taking place at the LA Convention Center June 5-7 2012. With a massive eight titles announced for the show, there's never been a better time to be a mobile gamer, whether you own an iPhone or Android! Attendees can visit the WeMade booth: #2847 in the South Hall.

WeMade originally began as an online game developer and service provider for both local and global market. The company's greatest breakthrough began with Legend of Mir 2 — a 3D based MMORPG for the PC — which alone attracted 200 plus million(as of 2008) users worldwide. After releasing several hit online games for the past 12 years, WeMade takes a bold step on tackling the new gaming platform: mobile. With 20 mobile titles prepared for this year and 8 titles ready to be unveiled next week at E3, WeMade is ready to captivate the world once more.

"WeMade's first E3 is shaping up to be a spectacular show for us, as 2012 is going to be a huge year for our mobile lineup," CEO of WeMade, Namgung Hun said. "With our aim to become the No.1 global game company, we believe our mobile game line-up will bring unforeseen changes in the industry throughout the globe."

Alongside the grand scale mobile MMORPG, seven other games will be featured in the WeMade booth, as well as during the WeMade press conference to be held June 5th from 5-6pm PST at Icon LA Ultra Lounge. The best feature of all of these games is they're not just genre-defining, but have full social networking game support so that players will never have to play alone!

The following are glimpses of what you can expect from WeMade's line-up.

"The Project" (official title to be revealed at E3)

WeMade's prodigy and greatest ambition, a full 3D mobile MMORPG with scale that could outmatch the PC online games. Players will be able to experience true massive-multiplayer online world like no other mobile has ever achieved.

Chaos & Defense

What's an RTS mixed with defense like? Chaos, of course! Compete against the world in real time battles online through your mobile device. Challenge the AI opponents or fellow players from around the world.

Viking Island

Action RPG meets social networking in a fully 3D adventure, where it's up to the player to decide how they want to shape the world. Adventure, battle, or expand, the choice is in the palm of your hand.

Pet Island

A social network game where teaming up with your friends is both fun and rewarding. Grow your adventure with cuddly animal friends.

Goblin Mobile (tentative name)

2D sidescroller meshed with Action MMORPG for an unpredictable world filled with treacherous dungeons and dangerous gods.

Friend Fighter (tentative name)

Flawlessly merging a social landscape with a fighting game, players can fight with - or against - the strongest in the world. Fight on a whole new scale where connecting globally is as easy as swiping your finger.

Hero Square

Choose from 20 different hero classes in this RPG/social game to build a party for exploring dungeons and battling vicious monsters. Gather items for crafting, cooking, and alchemy to expand your kingdom!

Rhythm Scandal

This is rhythm gaming like you've never experienced before! With great roster of pop music including popular Korean pop artists ("k-pop"), full-3D avatar customization, multiplayer mode, Rhythm Scandal is a dance party you can tuck into your pocket and take anywhere!

WeMade aims to target gamers of all kinds; whether they may be casual players who enjoy a quick 5 minutes gameplay or hardcore players ready to immerse into the game. With the 7 innovative and strongly social network focused mobile games, plus its truly multiplayer mobile MMORPG groundbreaker in store, WeMade is about to bring a new wave of change into the gaming world.

Players can see additional sneak peek details for the full WeMade E3 lineup on the official Facebook page at

About WeMade

WeMade Entertainment, traditionally an online game developer and publisher, is now entering the mobile game for smart devices platform such as Apple's iPhone and iPad.

WeMade gladly takes on the challenge of creating a new gaming niche in a rapidly changing world. A leading player in the gaming industry, WeMade combines the coding experience of industry veterans with the game server technology accumulated through the company's online PC game development. Meet a new age of smart games where everyone meets through one game.

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