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Unity Pro MS&T Bundle Unveiled

Unity Technologies, provider of the Unity multi-platform game engine and development tools, announced the Unity Pro MS&T Bundle. The collection of Unity tools will be the first of its kind for Unity Technologies and signifies their dedication to meeting specific needs of the MS&T development community in one package.

Unity, an intuitive and powerful engine and toolset for interactive 3D development, has been used to create thousands of games for entertainment along with an ever-increasing number of serious games, computer based training, distributed learning, virtual worlds, data visualization, interactive multimedia instruction, virtual medical training and task management training applications. The Unity Pro MS&T Bundle was designed for the significant number of development studios outside of the entertainment sector, many of which are specifically devoted to simulation and training programs.

JANUS Research Group, Inc., an industry leader in Serious Games and Interactive Multimedia Instruction, has been developing solutions with Unity over the past seven years. "We are very excited about the MS&T bundle offering as it includes several domain relevant features such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data Import and SCORM," said Clint Little, Serious Games Director, Engineering and Innovation Division, JANUS Research Group, Inc. "We look forward to leveraging the MS&T bundle in our continuing effort of providing quality products to our customers."

"Unity is an integral part of the National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration's Virtual World Projects, which help leverage data visualizations, simulations, virtual worlds, and games to better understand real-world challenges," said Eric Hackathorn, Project Manager, National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration. "Among our projects with Unity, we have created an incredible large-scale data visualization project for atmospheric and ocean temperature data, as well as interactive training. The Unity Pro MS&T Bundle is a great addition."

"The University of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologies works closely and under contract with the U.S. Army to explore a powerful question: What would happen if leading technologists in artificial intelligence, graphics, and immersion joined forces with the creative talents of Hollywood, the game industry, and clinical scientists to combat post-traumatic stress disorder?" said Albert "Skip" Rizzo, Ph.D., associate director, USC Institute for Creative Technologies. "Our development with Unity has helped us to create new VR simulations for delivering evidence-based treatment for those suffering from PTSD, including an intelligent virtual human healthcare agent that military vets can anonymously interact with to get information and insight into their post war psychological experiences. Our positive experience with Unity has led to us encouraging other development teams to adopt Unity for ease-of-use, flexibility, and power across military and medical simulations."

"From concept and design to full deployment, Unity's unparalleled ease of use has created a new standard of efficiency in end-to-end solution development for the MS&T industry," said Davey Jackson, Director of Simulation and Visualization for Unity Technologies. "Additionally, developers have found that Unity provides an unprecedented costs savings vs. other commercial game engines, maintaining custom technology or using traditional rendering software."

The Unity Pro MS&T Bundle provides Unity clients access to all of Unity's mobile platforms and web platforms and introduces GIS and DTED Terrain Support. Through collaboration with the ADLCO Lab, Unity is also pleased to provide their SCORM Compliant output scoring kit with this package.

The Unity Pro MS&T Bundle Kit will include:

  • Unity Pro for PC, Mac and Web deployment
  • Unity iOS Pro for iPhone and iPad deployment
  • Unity Android Pro for smartphone and tablet deployment
  • Unity Flash Pro for deployment to Adobe Flash Player
  • Unity Team Server
  • Unity GridFloat GIS Importer
  • ADL SCORM Scoring Package
  • Continuing updates for increased functionality

The Unity Pro MS&T Bundle is immediately available. Sales inquiries can be sent to

Those interested in learning more about using Unity in MS&T projects can visit Additionally, this year's Unite conference will include a serious games track filled with information specific to the creation of all manner of serious games creation using the Unity development platform. Unite is a three day event filled with educational seminars and workshops related to the best practices using Unity. For Unite information, tickets, and a list of session topics, please visit

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Publié le 31 juillet 2012 par Emmanuel Forsans
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