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PathEngine Announces SDK Release 5.29, New Licensing

PathEngine PathEngine announces the availability of release 5.29.00 of their pathfinding SDK, with significant performance improvements, and licensing to IMC Games (for an additional unannounced title), Deck13 (for 'Tiger and Chicken' on PC, Xbox 360, 'Blood Knights' on PC, Xbox 360, PS3), Nexon Korea (for 'Bubble Fighter'), Jagex (for 'Transformers Universe'), Liveplex (for 'Queen's Blade'), and Joymax (for 'Silkroad 2').

The key optimisations in this release are:

  • The possibility to generate connected regions query specific preprocess, and dispatch fast, exact connected region queries against dynamic and changing situations.
  • Support for flagging individual agents as 'temporarily ignored' in collision contexts, on a per query bases, without invalidating cached collision data.

These are potentially 'game-changing' optimisations in that they effectively make it possible to apply the SDK in new ways or to new types of situations.

Together with release 5.28 this also provides very significant performance improvements for:

  • Collision queries with lots of dynamic obstacles (timings halved for certain benchmarks)
  • Static pathfind preprocess generation (generation times halved for some meshes)
  • Pathfinding queries with lots of dynamic obstacles
  • Obstacle set pathfind preprocess regeneration (e.g. for double-buffered semi-dynamic obstacles)
  • Closest unobstructed position queries (in both static and dynamic situations)
  • Voxel 3D processing
  • Ground management queries
  • Collision preprocess loading for environments with lots of burnt in obstacles

and a number of other speedups and memory footprint reductions.

For details about the complete set of changes, please refer to the SDK changelog:

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Publié le 13 janvier 2012 par Emmanuel Forsans
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