B2B Games
100, Rue des Fougères
Niveau 1 - Immeuble Lyon Ouest
69009 Lyon

Tél. : 04 78 66 24 99
Fax : 08 21 91 51 56


Yves Santelli CEO
Sylvain Politello Export Manager
Lionel Perrault Technical Department Manager
Nicolas Anderlini B2B Studios Develoment in house studio
Sebastien Heraud B2B Studios Develoment in house studio
Jean Baptiste Petit B2B Studios Develoment in house studio

Informations administratives

Année de création : 2005
Statut : SARL
Effectifs : Information indisponible
Chiffre d'affaire : 240,000 € en 2006
RCS : Lyon B 485 028 682
Code NAF : 524Z - Commerces de détail divers en magasin spécialisé


B2B Games

Société en liquidation judiciaire depuis le 28.07.2010
Les informations de cette page ne sont donc plus suivies ni mises à jour
B2B GAMES is a specialist in contents providing and business development.
B2B GAMES is also a recognised expert in Serious Games applications development and "Maître d'oeuvre"

B2B GAMES in few lines:

  • 15 years of experience in the Entertainment industry.
  • A unique and exclusive relationship with over 100 publishers, developers and Music and Video,Movies right owners.
  • A coverage of all digital contents for all the mass-market platforms.
  • A catalogue of over 8000 titles of all kinds and platforms for all your targets of consumers.
  • A strong commercial network already present in 20 countries offering a local and global coverage.
  • A huge active network of over 40.000 contacts in various industries !
  • The possibility to customise and to create custom made products for innovative operations that have never been done before. Everything is possible !!
  • A dynamic team ready to listen to your needs and service with the smile !

Our philosophy is to offer the best service to our customers by being reactive to your request.
As pricing varies strongly per title, B2B GAMES is here to help you choose the right content taking into account all the aspects of the promotion :
your consumer target, your budget, your needs, your wishes !

B2B Games recrutement

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Informations complémentaires

What does B2B GAMES for you :

Announcers and Agencies:

We are an entertainment content provider, providing a great choice of titles to the announcers, accordingly to their budget.

  • We choose from our B2B catalogue the most adequate titles for your operation, bringing you the best contents available on the market!
  • We negotiate the rights of the licence with each publisher and right owners and give you the guarantee that the content is available for your type of promotion, territory and period.
  • We customise at least the packaging and the interface with your logos and brands. Different levels of customisation are available. You are remembered each time your consumer uses the offered content !
  • We can develop on demand, the product, integrating your mascot,brands, or other licenced characters, within 2D or 3D games targeted to your customers.
  • We now also offer full In Game Advertising including dynamic advertising for online contents !
  • We have a great network of local distributors, and exclusive partners (such as in Poland, South Eastern Europe, Canada, Latin America, South Africa, Continental Europe etc...)
  • we also have direct relationships with most of the Communication, Promotion and Marketing Agencies working with the greatest brands on a worldwide basis !
  • We bring you a content that has a high perceived value, which makes it a great promotion.
  • Entertainment contents are great for your promotions, as they allow you to communicate and reach your target : no matter the age and gender, we have contents for everybody !

Developers - Publishers:

We have 2 main activities : B2B and Export

B2B :

  • We create promotional operations with your contents.
  • We valorise your titles by extending their product cycle life (back or actual catalogue).
  • You have approval on all the steps of the promotions and keep control and ownership of your rights.


  • We are already a business developer for a number of publishers and developers such as Auran, Coyote Software, Creo, Game seed, Load Inc, Anuman Interactive, Incagold, Noviydisk, etc
  • We can help you with your product worldwide or only on some territories upon which you need help.
  • Our role is to find the best deal for you in the countries we are entitled to represent your titles, thanks to a great network of local distributors and exclusive partners.
  • We take all the risks and time to prospect for your product.